Welcome to your market!
It was back in 1905 when Peter Godina began a trader with a box office of food created by a simple room of 10 square meters.
Over the years and generations, the box office has grown, it has grown and evolved to become the current market with 800 square meters. of retail space. Recently also it renewed the furniture organization of space around the food department, culminated in the creation of

logo gusto piu
store specializing in gourmet takeaway and catering. For its size it is similar to a great neighborhood store, but totally different in concept and in the business proposal. In this market you can find not only the classics produced by supermarket and offerings, but also many local references which is typical Italian quality.
The goal we have set ourselves is to inform, to an increasing number of consumers, a big world of small producers excluded from the modern food distribution, signing quality products. This does not mean consuming more, but eat less and better! “David Godina
Following this philosophy we have recently created “La via del Gusto”, a route through the specialized departments Godina More and More Taste: The Market of Fruit and Vegetables, The Pescator, The Market of Meats and Cheeses, The Becheria, Taste More – your kitchen, to give more space to local products, organic and natural.